Planning Application

The final version of the planning application for the wind component of the hybrid facility (Jung Renewable Energy Facility) was lodged with the Minister for Planning in May 2018 and was assessed against the Policy and Planning Guidelines for the Development of Wind Energy Facilities in Victoria which sets standards and limits including the following:

  • Sound compliance,
  • Landscape impact,
  • Shadow and flicker,
  • Aviation,
  • Impact to Flora and Fauna,
  • Impact to Cultural Heritage, and
  • Electromagnetic Interference.

Following the assessment by the Department, the Minister issued Planning Permit PA1800346 on October 2018. The relevant compliance development plans are currently being prepared and are expected to be submitted for approval within the next months.

The Planning Application for the solar component of the Facility was submitted to Horsham Rural City Council for approval in January 2019 and the Planning Permit issued in May 2019. Compliance plans are currently been prepared to satisfy the requirements of the Planning Permit and will be submitted to Horsham Rural City Council upon completion.