Planning Application

Following assessment of the Planning Application was submitted in July 2016, a Planning Permit (PA1600139) for Ferguson Wind Farm was received in April 2017.

An amendment to the Planning Permit was requested in August 2018 and approved in January 2019 (PA1600139-A).

The planning permit outlines requirements the Wind Farm must fulfil in regards to the following:

  • Sound compliance,
  • Landscape impact,
  • Shadow and flicker,
  • Impact to Flora and Fauna,
  • Impact to Cultural Heritage, and
  • Electromagnetic Interference.

The Permit Compliance Development Plans were submitted to the Minister in October 2019. The Plans detail actions and compliance measures to be undertaken by the proponent to meet the permit requirements.

In March 2020 an amendment to planning permit has been sought to install a new meteorological tower on site. The application documents are currently being advertised and can be downloaded below.

Form 3 Notice of an Application to amend a Planning Permit in relation to the Ferguson Wind Farm Planning Permit (PA1600139-A) can be downloaded below.

Ferguson Wind Farm (Met Mast) PA1600139-A – Form 3.pdf